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TJ Fleming

I am new here but have been lurking...

 And coming out. Gay, transmale, on hormones for....a b, c, d, ...g months....and no ops but luckily for me I am small so it does not show even though people try damn hard to see those tiny specles of flesh one can hardly - and with a stretch! to call 'breasts.' Its amazing how far people will go to deny reality of a transsexual: my voice sounds anything but female at this point. Sometimes I see how people DELIBERATELY asset their right to be wrong and call me female pronouns. I uses to think I look female but now I understand that it is simply not true. Its the jealousy and envy of a straight community, especially often black women who hate anything that is in ffemale body not female. We had a conversation with some friends and they agreed: by far this is not an accident! So I just came to accept the fact that these people are haters and even though they want to pose as 'friends' they simply want you to do all the work and live to tkae the credit. After all, if they don't recognize you and you hae no provision  in a society that does not classify you as 'gender identity disordered' then all you do can go to anyone who claims, with impunity! Very wise
In any case, I came out when I was 23, 28 now and looking to meet others and engross myself into the community life, going far far away from the straight folk...lol
I am also gay as in homosexual male and like other boys. So far I had not had much physical encounter and like many lurked and lived on line, quiet literally. It is now  that I feel ready to venture out into speaking about this and possibly met other boys and people, in the Malkuth version of this world lol
Alright, don't want to take too much time on this address today so I will stop by later. Whoever can relate, feel free to drop a line!

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On Friday November 24th at Manatee River State Park in Florida through the 26th

I got us the best rate possible cause very lil places had more then 2-3 sites available.....

I got a giant group area site it is listed under the last name of Edvin (andy edvin) and its the group site #2 listed as the Southeast Camp Group!!!!

I told them approx 20-30 people....so I know there is at least 10 of you who want to go....and then you know another 2-3 people who may want to go.....SO LETS DO IT!!!

Everyone who is even 25% interested or if your even 100% sure you can make it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply w/ your name (full name if you feel comfortable doing so), amount of people you are bringing, if you can provide a ride to someone who may be on the way (given they help out w/ gas money as well) phone number (or just email that Boiorgirl@yahoo.com), email address, and if you are coming for friday saturday and sunday or just saturday and sunday.

If you have extra camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, laterns, etc.) please bring it so that those who may not have any dont have to go spend money on buyin it due to the time of year (ie. holidays) money gets tight. Or even if you have camping gear but are unable to attend and would be able to lend it for someone upon them bein able to pick it up.

At the end of S.R. 320 at the intersection of S.R. 320 and US19 in Chiefland Florida 32626
<The map didnt upload properly> 

So please get back asap so that there is an near exact amount able to be accounted for when I get there.

Its only $4 a night but we may/probably will be going canoe or tubing down the river so if you do have a tube or canoe/kayak and you want to bring feel free obvisouly. And anyone who may need help w/ a ride or financial dont be afraid to ask!



What's up? I'm Scotty. I'm ftm. i just recently broke up with a girl i was with for a long time and i'm place where i just wanna get high and forget about everything... but i also kinda wanna try and reach out and make friends, so yeah. hi

peace, Scotty
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An open letter to our communities from “Elliott” (a pseudonym), Kate Loewe stopsexualviolence@riseup.net), Kathy Ni Keefe (nikeefe@riseup.net), Samuel Lurie (slurie@gmavt.net), and Eli Clare (eclare@gmavt.net):

We are writing to let our communities know about a recent hate crime that occurred in New Mexico. We are writing to break silence, to create resistance to violence and space for healing, and to build support for the survivor. We are writing in hopes that we can take care of each other, undercut the community-wide fear that comes with hate violence, and work toward justice.

Please note that what follows contains some graphic details, which could be triggering. Also, the survivor is a parent of two children, and this information MUST NOT reach them.

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For all those in the southeast....

I'll start off introducing myself...my name is Andy, I'm 18 will be 19 in less then 2 months, and I'm pre-op and pre-t transguy from the tampa bay area of florida.

A few groups have been discussing a campout for about a month away. Looking at weekend of November 17-19th in Central Florida area (ocala/gainseville area).

Everyone welcome....no discrimanation allowed!!

Where exactly is still in the process of being decided....

So right now we just need to see who all would be interested in coming out?
Its a friday, saturday, and sunday....understandable that most work on fridays so if you can still make it saturday and/or sunday only if you cant show on friday. Great way to meet everyone and learn more about one another....

If your interested or have any input please comment and let me know so I can bring it back to the other groups!

X-posted by an ADHD guy named Andy!!!

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I need some information!!!

I need help in a few areas regarding my transformation:

1. I been to physcologists all my life. It started when I was about 4-5yrs old. I was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused by my father. He was charged and is still locked up. Due to a comprise plea he said he did it and they only charged him for attempted. Well there was a court fire (not really explained to me in detail) but his documents were destroyed in it. And then last year he put up a re-trial claiming he was "wrongfully sentenced" usin another later case. But didn't suceed and still appealed it and it was just a mess. The dust has settled there.

But understanding this, with me being young when it happened. Are therapists required to wait longer to start me on T? Or is it on a therapist by therapist basis? And in waiting longer circumstances, how long do most therapists recommend/take?

2. Anyone know any trans therapist that are in the tampa bay area of florida? And if so how long does it usually take with them before they can get you in? And how long before they start talkin about testorone?

3. Approx. how much does the sessions cost? Is it per session/time or by length of time with them overall? (I been under gov't insurance when I was with the normal therapists)

4. Any insurance companies or groups or organzations that help out with the costs? do they help out w/ paying for T? surgerys? 

5. How much does it usually cost for T? and how often?

some background info on me in case it may help.
I'm 18yrs old (19 in Dec.) I have known all my life that I was born wrong. My mother even told me I was suppose to be a guy, she didn't knew what happened when I popped out. (she didn't name me for 2 weeks til the deadline and ended up naming me after a girl she had kissed (her first lesbian experience). When I was 5 I told my moms old roomates son who was the same age "one day I'll be able to piss standin up and not have to wear a shirt outside too." And have pretty much knew since then for sure. Anyways, I've had my share of trouble when I was going through teenage years. I was sent to FLYCA (its a  bootcamp ran on the camp blanding national guard base in Starke, FL.) when I was 16 got out right before my 17th birthday. (I let people walk all over me when I was there and stayed a honory cadet and finally had enough of it and ended up getting into 2 different fights in one day). I had lived with my cousins after leaving and then came back to central florida and lived with my now X-gf Melanie. And then last year in Oct. I had gotten my own place and then sold it this past May and now am living with friends of mine til I can get my own place and working part time making $10 a hour at 22hrs a week doing telesales. I am lookin for as much help as I can seeing I'm the black sheep in my family and no one supports me about being lesbian, except my mom. So then I told her about being male and she is still behind my back. Unfortunatly I am barely making it by as is now so saving up and trying to do anything is hard as hell so now I'm tryin to stick my hand out for help!


Okay Here It Is...maybe lame....but i hope it gets people chatting (only one I could find)

W H O . W A S . T H E . L A S T . P E R S O N . T H A T?

1. You hung out with:

2. Saw you cry:

3. Went to the movies with you:

4. You went to the mall with:

5. You went to dinner with:

6. You talked on the phone to:

7. Said 'I love you' to you:

W O U L D . Y O U . R A T H E R?

1. Pierce your tongue, nose, or bellybutton?

2. Be serious or be funny?

3. Drink whole or skim milk?

4. Die in a fire or drown?

5. Spend time with your parents or enemies?

A N S W E R . T R U T H F U L L Y !!

1. Do you like anyone?

2. Do they know it?

3. Do they like you back?

A B O U T . Y O U!

1. What time is it?

2. First and middle Name?

3. Nickname(s):

4. What is your birth date?

5. What do you want?

6. Where do you want to live?

7. How many kids do you want?

8. Do you want to get married?

U N I Q U E !

1. Nervous habit:

2. Are you double jointed?

3. Can you roll your tongue?

4. Can you raise one eyebrow?

5. Can you cross your eyes?

6. Do you make your bed daily?


1. Which shoe goes on first?

2. Ever thrown a shoe at someone?

IN . T H E . L A S T . M O N T H . H A V E . Y O U ?

2. Bought something:

4. Sang:

5. Been hugged:

6. Felt stupid:

7. Missed someone:

8. Danced crazy:

9. been kissed:

10. Gotten your hair cut:

11. Cried: